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DR. SCOTT ATLAS: ‘TIME TO END THE LOCKDOWNS’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday April 30, 2021

Savage Savages the Oscars as only Savage can do. The academy awards have become a joke even without Savage’s help, but he makes it even funnier. This year had the lowest viewership ever. Minorities pushed the anti-police narrative. They’re entertainers, many of whom never graduated a real high school but went to schools for performing arts. Yet they lecture us. The fact that old white guy Anthony Hopkins won best Male Actor really set them off. As ridiculous as they are, there’s a serious side too: The decadence of Hollywood reflects the decadence our culture is falling into everywhere. America truly is in free fall and Savage outlines some of the things we need to be on the lookout for. He reads from a fabulous guest article called ‘America in Free Fall’.

‘THE POWER OF FAITH’ – The Michael Savage Show, Monday March 22, 2021

A look at faith; religion is different than faith; glimpses of God in things we see and do; America is changing, will religion change too?; Christianity is dying while Islam is growing; Discussion on the crucifixion, Christ, and salvation if you are not Christian; my travels to the South Pacific islands collecting medicinal plants had a deeper meaning, discussed spirituality with the indigenous peoples of these islands; all good religions teach ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’; Jewish religion the hardest to follow because complicated; a deeper look at the 10 commandments; the meaning of the Garden of Eden; much great art and literature is based on the scriptures; the land of Nod; religion and Faith connect you to the power of the universe.