WINNING EDITORIAL: To Be, or Not To Be Citizens…

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The United States of America is often referred to as the “great melting pot”. I, like many others, am a descendant of immigrants. I refer to myself, however, as a third generation American. My great grandparents emigrated from places like Poland and the former country of Czechoslovakia, and they did this for one reason… They left everything that they knew behind to go to a foreign land to fulfill a dream. Some would say that this was a foolish pursuit. Why would anyone go and make such a drastic, life altering decision? For a simple reason, really. They left their native lands to try and make a better life than that of their parents. They saw America as how President Reagan would later describe it as “the city on a hill”. This nation has been the only place in the world where hard work and determination can pull one out of the ashes of poverty, and into a life of comfort and prosperity. Immigrants were responsible for pushing this nation to become the dominant economic power the world has ever seen.

Immigration today, however, is really some kind of joke. In my opinion, it should be one of the most important issues, in regards to domestic policy. The immigration that I am referencing is illegal immigration. Now, being the great grandson of European immigrants, why am I not sympathetic for those people? Why would I begrudge anyone who was seeking to make a better life for themselves here in America? The truth is, I do not begrudge those seeking a better life but not at the expense of breaking our laws in the process. Am I a hypocrite, or a racist bigot? The answer is, absolutely not. For all of those who are still waiting in the long lines, going through the proper channels while following the law, I embrace them all with open arms. To those who have broken the law, and live here while still being able to collect the benefits that we the taxpayers have to pay for, I am strongly opposed. As a member of the U.S. Army, and one who has fought for the freedoms that we all take for granted, it angers me to see our elected officials openly consider granting amnesty to 15-30 million illegal immigrants. I am a firm believer that, as Americans, we should all stand for the principles that have been advocated by the great voice of talk radio Dr. Michael Savage: “Borders, language, and culture”. Maintaining the integrity of our national borders keeps us safe, and our economy in the hands of Americans. Maintaining the English language ensures that we are all united by a common tongue, and requires that all legal immigrants become Americans by speaking our language. Finally, maintaining our culture and history guarantees that our nation will never forget our identity.

Unlike the millions of illegals that live throughout our country, the immigrants of the past respected the laws here. Does anyone remember Ellis Island? Those grainy black and white photographs of the long lines of people just standing there, waiting. Waiting to get through the necessary stations and fill out the proper paper work in order to get into this country. They decided to leave behind their European identity, and to become Americans. Compared to today where any government agency that you happen to call the first question that is asked is “Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish”. A country that does not maintain the integrity of its borders cannot survive. Just look at ancient Rome, who allowed unchecked immigration and was destroyed from within.

Furthermore, preserving American culture is something that we are in danger of losing altogether. Don’t believe me? Just watch Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segment. Simple questions about our nation’s history, asked to college students, and they don’t have a clue! What about our Constitution? Do they even teach about it in schools any more? Instead of focusing on things that will preserve our nation’s culture and heritage, there are entire generations who do not even know why they are Americans. What’s even more worrisome is that they don’t seem to care. But our elected officials praise our public schools, and by adding millions of illegal immigrants to the system will make it even better. Yeah, I believe that one…

Do these people deserve to call themselves Americans? I am sure that many of them are quiet, honest, and hard working people, but the fact still remains that they broke the law. Instead of focusing on securing our borders, which, by the way, are quite susceptible to Islamic terrorist infiltration, the politicians and interest groups have jammed a universal healthcare bill down our throats. There are those who have continually said that this will be the cure all for this country, and I ask how? The American people need to realize that the nation that they know and love may pass away in their lifetime.