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I would like to share my opinion on a recent article in about young Miami Cubans supporting socialism. See below I take a quote from the link then go on a Savage worthy rant!:

“Although he understands many were traumatized by events that lead to their exile, “nobody leaves Cuba because they are running away from socialized health care and universal access higher education,” he said. They fled a dictatorship.”

How dumb can you be to make that statement? His mind can’t connect the dots that it was the centralizing of power to a few government officials that led to a situation of absolute power and then, tyranny?

This type of cognitive dissonance is what I constantly see from my own friends, and it saddens me. Here we see a Cuban American who was even actually born in Cuba, and whose parents were smart enough to desire the American way, and lucky enough to get themselves here, yet in one generation he is right back to voting for oppression(?) Unbelievable and unreal.

Yet and still it isn’t an issue unique to young Cubans, I see it all the time here across many cultural backgrounds, the worst of those who you would think would have no excuse to be so ignorant. I have peers who are Vietnamese American who are staunchly socialist and against America, yet their families left because Vietnam is a mess, completely disorganized and totally corrupt. 

I have Chinese American peers whose very own parents desperately fled China for the promise of more rights and freedom in America, yet their kids have grown up to openly sympathize with China in the trade war, and to stand against the citizens of Hong Kong for trying to protect their rights!

I have young Russian friends that are pro socialist, yet their parents escaped the Soviet Union or currently, V. Putin’s corrupt reign!

I have countless Latino friends that vote unilaterally for bigger government policies and champion AOC, and at the same time call for open borders so that more people can escape the corrupt regimes of Latin America, that have the very type of systems they want us to become like (?)…

All of these aforementioned subsets of people are all anti gun as well, so they want more government power, and to disarm the citizens…making the USA vulnerable to the same type of tyranny and abuse of powers that their ancestor’s countries of origin suffer from(?)

The sad reality is, “Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.”

It is clear to me that people just don’t get it, even if their parents or their parent’s parents were bold enough and smart enough to escape these horrible situations back home.. they get here and somehow fall right back to rooting for the old model, even if it is currently failing their very own people, back in the original country, as with this Cuban genius… you honestly have no excuse to be that ignorant to lobby for socialism here or root for it, if your very bloodline comes from countries marred by corrupt socialist governments. That is a special type of stupid! 

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