On May 5, 2009, British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced a list of people banned from entering the United Kingdom. On that list was Dr. Michael Savage, Radio Hall of Fame inductee and New York Times best-selling author. Savage’s watch words “Borders Language Culture” have inspired nationalist movements around the world. His theory of compassionate conservatism and his ardent support of Americans who serve in the Armed Forces make him a figure deserving of accolades, not banishment. 

Smith never explained how the list was formed, nor whether she had ever listened to a single Savage radio broadcast. She was, however, embroiled in scandal at the time, including charges that she used government monies to pay for her husband’s pornography. She resigned one month to the day after the banned list was published. One notable individual disapproved of the action: Boris Johnson, then the Mayor of London and now Prime Minister, called the move an “utterly demented decision.” 

From The Guardian: Boris Johnson attacks Jacqui Smith’s decision to ban shock jock from Britain

No less perplexed was Dr. Savage himself, who spent over a year trying to get unbanned and eventually wrote a book, “Banned in Britain”, about his experience. Now 10 years later, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith inhabits the dustbin of history, but her evil legacy lives on. 


Whereas, in May 2009, the British government announced that Michael Savage had been put on a list of 22 people, including terrorists and neo-Nazi murderers, banned from entry because the government believed their views might provoke violence;

Whereas, Michael Savage has never advocated violence, and the British government has not specified any statements made by Savage to back its claim;

Whereas, Michael Savage has been known to his millions of listeners for more than 25 years as an advocate of the patriotic values of borders, language and culture;

Whereas, official correspondence released under the U.K.’s freedom-of-information law revealed a decision was made at the highest level of the British government to use Savage’s name to provide “balance” to a ban list otherwise dominated by Muslim extremists;

Whereas, Britain is the country of the Magna Carta, which gave birth centuries later to Americans’ constitutional right to free speech;


Therefore, we hereby add our names to this petition calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to remove Michael Savage from its travel ban.

Michael Savage has never advocated violence, and his political views are protected by the First Amendment, which is rooted in the civil-rights tradition that began with Britain’s Magna Carta.

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