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I am an American. I have hit the jackpot. I am among the most fortunate people on Earth. I live in the freest society ever created. I live among the most compassionate and tolerant inhabitants in the Land of the Free. My older relatives who fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam taught by example that this freedom which I take for granted came with a tremendous cost. Every day I think of their sacrifices and the incredible courage that saved the world from disaster. The opportunities that America has given me by the industrious people who built this country and nurtured the spirit of achievement are unmatched in the world. The America I grew up in was very special and yes, exceptional.

I will be damned to let the recipients of the inheritance of the American Dream denigrate my country as the racist and evil capitalist empire they proclaim it to be! How dare they desecrate the memories of all who died to make this country the greatest, most humane, most prosperous, most dignified, most ethical, equitable, fairest and most desirable nation on the planet! How dare they throw racism, sexism and everything-ism at us at every turn; a form of racism itself! How dare they pretend to speak for me and the vast majority of Americans who can see through their demagogic nonsense and identity politics!

I believe the American electorate as a whole is too smart to fall for their insidious lies and hate mongering. Unfortunately, the fact remains that voters are loyal to a political party which “trumps” all reason and are susceptible to the pure propaganda machine the media has become. The incessant bombardment on every level and in every format, the endless victim mentality machine has taken over their collective conscious. Unfortunately, the media of opposing viewpoints and honest debate does not exist, and where it does, is not disseminated on a scale large enough to have any effect. Also, people are so biased they will not bother tuning in to anything that contradicts their beliefs, or worse yet, resort to silencing their opponents to prevent the open discussion so vital for the marketplace of ideas. Take the subject of climate change, for example. When did you ever see one debate or one educational documentary that presented all the evidence both for and against in an impartial manner, allowing for dissenting viewpoints?

The topic is spoken of as settled science and not to be questioned! Is anyone aware of the fact that Einstein spent the better part of the end of his life trying to disprove his theory of relativity; so that it would be given the intellectual rigor and testing that the scientific method requires. Theories must be objectively analyzed and provable, re-creatable experiments performed. This requires a pursuit of the truth and not adherence to a prearranged notion. This is by definition the very meaning of science.

Therein lies the challenge. It is unthinkable that we shall meekly submit to this descent into madness. It is imperative we counter the so called progressive agenda, educate our young, lead by example and project with restraint and even temperedness the ideals we know are necessary for freedom and success; self-discipline not indulgence, hard work not handouts, fair play not dishonesty, excellence not mediocrity, morality not indecency, a core belief in ourselves and our system of Government which answers to the people and not the reverse. With God’s guidance and much resolve, we shall prevail.