MONOLOGUE: COVID in Black and White: Conversation With Dr. Marilyn Singleton

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In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Marilyn Singleton, an incredibly great lady. Dr. Marilyn Singleton MD JD has written an op-ed called “COVID 19 Speaking Up in Black and White.” Dr. Singleton is a board certified anesthesiologist. She is past president of the association of American physicians and surgeons. She also attended UC Berkeley law school focusing on constitutional law and administrative law.

I’ve interviewed Dr. Singleton before, and I had no idea she was African-American. It’s important that you know that she is African-American before we talk about COVID and the relationship to ethnicity and why brown skinned and black skinned people have higher rates of COVID.

Savage: Welcome Dr. Singleton. Getting right to the heart of things, how are children who are being told that math is racist, going to be able to do anything in their lives?

Singleton: The sad part is no one is born a victim, even in the worst circumstances – if we develop a proper attitude that we’re human beings. And that’s what the most important thing is. We’re human. We have a brain, we have talents. Everyone has different talents, but we all have something to contribute. And that’s what needs to be fostered in kids. Everyone, everyone has something to contribute.

Savage: Critical Race Theory is clearly Marxist to the core. It’s meant to deconstruct and implode a society, turn people against each other. 

Singleton: There’s more to Black history than slavery. And yes, slavery was hideous. We can’t deny that. But the other thing we can’t deny is the long history of Black achievement, even before the emancipation in the 1700s. Black people were achieving in the United States. So this idea that there is no way we’ll ever succeed, it’s just plain wrong. And all it does is set people up for excuses rather than trying to achieve.

Savage: In your Op-Ed, you say that COVID 19 has added a new ingredient to the melting pot. You say that dark-skinned Americans fare more poorly with COVID than whites. You say some reasons are sociological, such as crowded living conditions, working in service jobs that cannot be done from home, and an inconsistent access to healthcare.

But then as a physician you say studies have shown racial differences in the body’s ACE2 receptors. These receptors help control inflammation, especially in those cells lining the blood vessels. And these are the sites where the spike protein of the SARS COV2 virus enters and infects healthy cells throughout the body.

Also people with dark skin have lower levels of vitamin D, which is a factor in the risk of contracting COVID, and its severity. And you say there may be more ACE2 receptors in patients with hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease, which are conditions that plague Black Americans. 

Singleton: Doctors and people in public health know this, that obesity is more prevalent in the Black community. Some may be eating habits, and because certainly that’s true in the Hispanic community as well. And as I say those words, it kind of makes me sick to have them come out of my mouth. I hate that term, the community as if everybody is some sort of monolith, but the first thing that should have come out with this COVID was education.

Education about eating things to improve your immunity, rather than just sit back, get sick, and wait for us to give you a vaccine to make it all go away. I thought COVID would have been a perfect opportunity to step in with more preventive care information, more nutrition information, because people could see, oh, maybe this will help with COVID. And guess what? It will help with everything. It will help with all your health.

BUT they’re afraid that it would be racist to tell a Black woman she should lose weight. Well, guess what? We could all stand to lose a few pounds. 

Savage: I hesitate to ask, but what is your view of the Biden administration and its handling of these issues? 

Singleton: Biden has said that minorities are just as capable of starting a business, but they don’t have accountants and lawyers. Is he kidding? There is a great law school, Howard Law School, that used to be all Black, in Washington, DC. Doesn’t Biden even know what’s around the corner from him?

Remember someone wrote this line for George Bush: “the soft bigotry of low expectations” and that has really become the watch word for the new social justice. And it’s not justice. It’s not fairness. All it does is demean minorities.

And so, dear readers, there is a lot more to this wonderful interview and I hope you will take the time to listen to it on The Michael Savage Show Podcast.


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