Joe Biden mixes up Sweden and Switzerland in latest gaffe  

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The US president was addressing a Nato summit when he confused the two countries

Joe Biden mistakenly said Switzerland would be joining Nato instead of Sweden in his latest gaffe during the transatlantic alliance’s summit in Madrid on Thursday. The US president praised the “historic” applications of Finland and Sweden to the defensive alliance, but then went on to incorrectly refer to Switzerland. Mr Biden immediately caught his mistake, joking: “My goodness, I’m getting really anxious here about expanding Nato”. The blunder came in a rare solo press conference, as Mr Biden hailed the Nordic nations’ dramatic shift from decades-long foreign policy in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “We’ve invited two new members to join Nato. It was a historic act,” he told reporters, before relating an earlier phone call with the president of Finland. He said: “We got on the telephone, he suggested we call the leader of, Switzerland – Switzerland, my goodness – I’m getting really anxious here about expanding Nato, of Sweden”.

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