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Christopher F. Rufo, writer, filmmaker, and Desantis appointed Trustee of New College in Florida, joins Savage to expose the roadmap to radicalism that threatens America’s future. In his new book America’s Cultural Revolution: How The Radical Left Conquered Everything, Rufo exposes how these institutions were infiltrated by left-wing intellectuals and militants who slowly and methodically captured our core foundations, with the goal of subverting them from within. Rufo tells Savage about how radical ideology became mainstream discourse by design; how leftwing groups exploit social justice NGOs and the shocking expansion of America’s public sector. In the midst of so much disarray Savage and Rufo point to the hope that still remains and what conservatives must do to take back our nation. Then, Savage and Rufo analyze the Republican Presidential Primary and the showdown between former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

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