‘Special Replay: Savage 25th Radio Anniversary Show’ – The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday August 3, 2021

A classic episode from March 2019, must listen! Savage celebrates 25 years of being on the air with exclusive stories and a special look back at his career. His conversation with a dear friend and actor in Hollywood prompts thoughts of the influences in his life. A boy cleaning bronzes with potassium cyanide in his father’s antique store basement. His father knew the difference between potassium cyanide & sodium cyanide, a smart man! And Michael cheated death “by a few ions.” In adolescence an avid reader of Hemingway and Henry Miller, and was strongly influenced by Kerouac’s “On the Road”. Then a teacher and a book salesman, then travels in the South Pacific, three advanced degrees and many books published on science and health. All leading up to his amazing break into radio and his harrowing first gig in a liberal city late-night time slot. Finally, a moving tribute to the immigrant experience in America, from his grandfather “the astronaut” of the family to the extremely successful fourth generation as “Savage comes full circle”.

‘JACKIE MASON VISITS THE SAVAGE NATION’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday July 30, 2021

Dr Savage Talks about his memories of Jackie Mason early on in New York; Jackie Mason interview from 021207, Mason wrote an article on everyone being down on “Merry Christmas”, Discussing George W Bush and politics; Jackie Mason interview from 081315, 98 prominent Hollywood celebrities back Iran nuclear deal and how the Hollywood crowd are always on the wrong side of every issue. Hillary Clinton ; Jackie Mason interview from 080720, Discussing COVID lockdown, Joe Biden

‘THE DEMS’ PLAN TO TURN AMERICA INTO THE NEXT CUBA’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday July 16, 2021

The arc of worldwide communism: big countries succumb while survivors of small countries (Cuba, Vietnam) know better. Who’s listening? Not the crazed liberals & academics in America. Not Bernie Sanders the Biden politburo member. In Canada 45 Christian churches have burned under suspicious circumstances. The Judaeo-Christian tradition is under siege. Street violence abounds and not one democrat will say “violence is not the answer.” Instead they are coming for our guns. Critical Race Theory is prelude. Holocaust didn’t start with gas chambers but with degradation such as what is happening to white children in school. Biden bringing in U.N. human rights commission even though it is blacks committing the crimes. Trump quotes MLK on the importance of character not skin color. Asian Americans are important in fighting Critical Race Theory. PLUS “The darkness of man’s inhumanity to man: Massacres through time” – Oliver Cromwell killing the Irish; U.S. Civil War killing 600,000; The Revolutionary War (book by Wendy Smith of the Boston Globe); endless bloodshed in Russia and Central Europe; the Yang Tzu massacre in China; Thessalanica in Ancient Greece; 300,000 Armenians killed by Turkey; the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Hutus & Tutsis in Africa; and of course Auschwitz If you’re going to cry because someone called you an unkind name, consider the people who have really suffered throughout history.

‘SAVAGE CARS + COFFEE & NEWS’ – The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday July 6, 2021

Savage reflects on car memories from childhood to present; from the very first soapbox racer made from an orange crate attached to roller skates, to the most recent futuristic dream called the Stingray 3LT; the car features; the car adventures; even the car accidents! Savage loves cars and he shares his love with you in this can’t-miss podcast; PLUS Coffee and News.

‘THE AMERICA WE KNOW & LOVE WILL NEVER RETURN (revisited)’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday June 18, 2021

What America may look like a year from now; Don’t listen to those telling you the Coronavirus is a hoax; Trump is bailing out everyone but the little guy; Can dating and religions survive?; Microbes do not discriminate, even religious can get COVID; Nature corrected mans errant ways, Epidemics are not new; People avoiding hospitals, even in the event of heart attacks or strokes; Media not trusted anymore; Re-open country correctly in stages; There is a middle ground between immediate reopening and lock-down; Small, limited government will become a thing of the past; Dr. Fauci is the biggest medical failure in the history of the country


Conversation with Dr. Singleton, a highly accomplished African-American woman who is both a medical doctor (anesthesiologist) and a degreed lawyer specializing in constitutional law. Some quotes: “No one is born a victim”. “Black people were achieving great things long before the emancipation proclamation”. Bush’s phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations” is still true today. Dr. Singleton also points out there are real physiological differences related to ACE2 receptors and vascular health, which make dark-skinned people more at risk for COVID complications. It is not racism. Also in this edition: A preview of SAVAGE EXCLUSIVE.

‘THE FAUCI PAPERS’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday June 4, 2021

Savage had said masks were basically ineffective against covid, emails released show Fauci knew this. Savage said fauci was a failure from start. The masketeers, Wuhan Lab leak, gain of function funding. Fauci should be prosecuted. Reading from headlines. New info on the vaccine side effects and dangers. Rand Paul audio. More on side effects (Israel, Clapton). “Where are the rebels”? Archival from April 10, 2020 predicting much of this.

‘WOKE IS MORALLY BROKE and THE BIDEN/HARRIS BLUNDERS’ – The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday June 1, 2021

Reading articles and talking about mistakes already made by Biden and Harris; Harris’ insensitive tweet about Memorial Day and “woke” joke about Marines; Hunter Biden’s Russia and Ukraine collusion; Tom Cotton talks about Russia and Biden; Biden shut down investigation into China origin of covid, now started a new one; Other major errors from Biden administration; What is controlled opposition?; Lenin said “Best way to control opposition is to lead it ourselves”; Ways the Democrats and Republicans are the same; Tying everything together.

‘FUNNY JOKES + A FLASH FROM THE PAST + COFFEE & NEWS’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday May 28, 2021

Jokes from the old days in the Catskills resorts. People could laugh at themselves back then; now everyone has lost their sense of humor. ‘Moving to Mexiso’ a bit of dark humor. News of the day: Bernie Sanders the commie has high class travel requirements, assorted nuts and cotton comforters. Biden making a bigger mess of things with every passing day. Archival audio from August 2019 – media outrage over Tlaib banned in Israel, but silence about Savage banned in Britain. What does conservatism mean any more? Predictions of how life would change if he Dems won. Well they did; was Savage right?


Savage shares the events leading up to the Biden administration attempt to “purge” him from the Board of the Presidio Trust. He was singled out from other Trump appointees because he secured $2.5 million for military exhibits. The Trust Board is an insular group of liberal San Francisco socialites who want nothing to do with military history. He will fight this in court. Communist revolutions have always started by canceling certain groups, in particular the “bourgeosie” which today translates to hardworking patriotic Americans. Reads from Mao”s “Little Red Book” with advice for such things as how to deal with “wrong thinking”. Also reads from “Life and Death in Shanghai” by Nien Chang.