The SAVAGE WRAP – News of the Week in Review

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Savage is back for the daily news, views, and reviews listeners have come to know and love. Hear the best moments from Savage’s daily take on the pressing topics of the week including:

The Biden whistleblowers could be in danger; Savage shares Teddy’s plaque; And why this is truly a battle of freedom vs. tyranny; Is fitness racist? Biden nibbles on a scared young girl and orders 3,000 reservists to be ready for European deployment; Zelensky’s NATO snub; Conservative defeatism; Black and hispanic New Yorkers who failed teacher’s test strike $1.8B in NYC settlement; Irish Rambo says Ukraine war is a horror, genocide, and slaughter; Has the world turned on NATO and Zelensky? Kamala Harris’ fake accent at Jesse Jackson retirement party; Mark Benioff says San Fran-Psycho will never be back to pre-pandemic standards; Savage’s prayer book he’s kept since he was 13; How the far Left conquered America; The Left’s plan is similar to the Bolsheviks. Is the Gilgo Beach murder suspect a cover up? Woman dragged climate activist by hair off streets in Germany.

Don’t miss this captivating run down of the stories you might have missed!

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