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Savage and Col. Douglas Macgregor are back for another must-listen discussion on the latest from Ukraine. Has Zelensky lost his darling status to the Western powers? Could this lead to a path to peace for the Ukrainians? Macgregor reveals the shocking nature of cluster munitions and how ineffective leadership has led to an ammunition shortage. Hear why Zelensky is desperate to drag the West into war as Macgregor sheds light on the true loss of life from the battlefield. Listen for Savage and Macgregor’s expert analysis on: Why the media is beating the war drums for corporate sponsors; how America is being infiltrated by our greatest threats; Why and how Europe could negotiate peace without Biden; How the American “Uniparty” enriches their members while decimating our nation; Could a third party correct course for the United States? What would be the consequences of a Russian blitzkrieg on Kiev? How does the globalist agenda sweeping Europe affect this conflict? Don’t miss this essential update from Savage and Col. Douglas Macgregor!

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