COMMUNIST or CAPITALIST? What Do Religions Teach?

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In this remarkable broadcast, Michael Savage, known to millions of listeners over his 27-year radio career, delivers a fiery warning against the dangers of communism. Savage explains how progressives are decimating America and have abandoned the facts. Why is the Left targeting Elon Musk? Why Lenin’s Pope is not a spiritual leader.  We are living through Leninism with a tinge of Maoism. America is no longer a free market. Biden is ravaging the American economy and future prosperity. Why the rhetoric from the Left has become so dangerous as people have become alliterate. There is no such thing as Democratic Socialism. If Rabbi Mendel Futerfas and others survived the Gulag, we can and will survive the Biden Regime. He shares that the Orthodox community called him “a bridge between God and man.” Well known for his stream of consciousness, Savage peppers his conversation with personal anecdotes, thoughts on the Thanksgiving holiday, and more! Listen now only here on the Michael Savage podcast!

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