The Winter of Our Discontent (episode #506)

In a fiery monologue, Savage blasts the Biden Gang for decimating our nation brick by brick. He reveals how media pundits are paid parrots of corporate interests and laments the demise of great radio. Then, Savage turns to the Rock of Ages. Hear Savage on the Ten Commandments and how the radical liberals embody the opposite of their statutes. He explores the meaning of the Jews as God’s Holy People and their role on the earth. Why have the Jewish people immersed themselves in linguistics? Savage shares some of the most famous words from the Holy Scriptures, deciphering their timeless significance.

Censorship Comes to America: The Supreme Court Is Next

Reparations: I Won’t Pay A Dime

BIDEN PAPERS PLANTED? with Ben Weingarten

Should we be “compassionate” or “militant” conservatives?

Speaker of the House of Ill Repute with Jeff Rovin

THE ONLY BLACK MAN at an all WHITE FUNERAL & other memories

THE EDGE OF WORLD WAR 3? with Col Douglas Macgregor


Bonus Podcast: Savage Slams Larry David and Alec Baldwin


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