THE SOROS AGENDA with Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

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Decades ago, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld perceptively predicted, “Unchallenged, Soros would change the political landscape of the U.S.” Today, Soros’s impact is undeniable across the United States and beyond. Savage speaks with Dr. Ehrenfeld as she exposes the Orwellian lingo, schemes, and strategies Soros has been using to transform America from a thriving, law-and-order democracy into a Sorostian world. Hear how the long tentacles of Soros’s funding permeate all levels of the American political landscape, what motivates Soros, and why he considers America “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order.” Savage shares how he warned about Soros’s dangerous influence when he backed drug legalisation efforts. Then, Ehrenfeld warns what else lies in store from Soros…

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