THE RETURN OF THE WOLVES with Eli Francovich

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Savage, a longtime conservationist, speaks with Eli Francovich about his new book The Return of Wolves: An Iconic Predator’s Struggle to Survive in the American West. Francovich tells Savage what he learned investigating the majestic predator and efforts to reintroduce them in the United States. Hear how we might mend the divide between ranchers and conservationists while keeping wolf populations thriving. Francovich shares about the eclectic cast of players—local ranchers, politicians, environmentalists, and everyday folks caught in the middle—he met in his quest to discover how to protect and live with the iconic canine. Then, Francovich shares with Savage about his first-person reporting from Ukraine in the early days of the war. Enjoy this summer break from news of the day as Savage turns to the wild!

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