McConnell Freezes, Oscar De La Hoya, Mysticism & More – #608

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In this engaging broadcast, Michael Savage, known to millions of listeners over his 27-year radio career, is back again for his wrap up of this week’s most pressing topics. Hear Savage’s signature take on the news you can’t miss:

Mitch McConnel freezes at the podium as Savage reveals who is really running the country. He explores mysticism and shares how his father taught him to reason. The shocking revelations that emerged as Hunter Biden’s plea deal disintegrates. Have we lost our democracy? Biden threatens Netanyahu and Musk in acts reminiscent of the Soviet police director Beria. A Nobel prize scientist is canceled for telling the truth about climate change. Air Force Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark declares support for ‘demi-genders’, but can’t define the term. Savage breaks from politics to discuss a remarkable interview about the restoration of America’s wolves and the fascinating documentary about Hall of Fame boxer Oscar De La Hoya. Like De La Hoya, Savage has to “stay in the ring!” This and more ONLY on the Michael Savage podcast.

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