Hear Savage in a rare, personal interview on fatherhood with Alec Lace of the First Class Fatherhood podcast. Savage shares his childhood memories of his own father and how it formed his approach to parenting. Savage expresses the uncertainties of parenting and coming to terms with family. What is the meaning of honor thy father and thy mother? How do you be a good parent with no book to guide you? Then, how has the fatherless crisis affected society? How is critical race theory and woke education corrupting our children? Why is there an escalation in youth suicides? How can parents raise children today as society becomes more depraved?

Censorship Comes to America: The Supreme Court Is Next

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BIDEN PAPERS PLANTED? with Ben Weingarten

Should we be “compassionate” or “militant” conservatives?

Speaker of the House of Ill Repute with Jeff Rovin

THE ONLY BLACK MAN at an all WHITE FUNERAL & other memories

The Winter of Our Discontent (episode #506)

THE EDGE OF WORLD WAR 3? with Col Douglas Macgregor

Bonus Podcast: Savage Slams Larry David and Alec Baldwin


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