Bonus Podcast! MAXINE WATERS ARRANGED A $12 MILLION BAIL OUT FOR HER HUSBAND’S MINORITY OWNED BANK. WAS THIS EVER PAID BACK? (maybe this is why Congress has not grilled Sam Crypto-crook?)

Savage exposes Mad Maxine Waters for her years of corruption leading all the way up to her mishandling of Democrat donor Sam Bankman-Fried. Then, listen to Savage outline how Biden slapped the military in the face by swapping a dribbler for an arms dealer.

Did China Test an EMP Attack?

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Reparations: I Won’t Pay A Dime

BIDEN PAPERS PLANTED? with Ben Weingarten

Should we be “compassionate” or “militant” conservatives?

Speaker of the House of Ill Repute with Jeff Rovin

THE ONLY BLACK MAN at an all WHITE FUNERAL & other memories

The Winter of Our Discontent (episode #506)

THE EDGE OF WORLD WAR 3? with Col Douglas Macgregor


Bonus Podcast: Savage Slams Larry David and Alec Baldwin

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