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Here we go again.  It wasn’t enough that officer Chauvin was found guilty on all counts. Now the mobs are demanding more.  Far left Yahoo news writes:  

“Derek Chauvin verdict sparks response from corporate America. Radical changes still needed. Much of corporate America declared solidarity with the BLM movement, following the murder of George Floyd last year, and vowed to address racial inequalities and they’re in their own businesses.”

Let’s pause right there. We know BLM is run by criminals and gangsters by and large, we know that the head of it bought four or five houses costing over a million dollars each, but that did not stop these cowards in the major corporations from spouting off.

The CEO of Minneapolis based retailer Target said “The verdict in the Chauvin case is a sign of forward progress, a turning point for our country … solidarity …  stand against racism … blah, blah, blah … The Chauvin trial is another sign of forward progress.”

Target is headquartered in Minneapolis and they are afraid of mobs burning and looting their Target stores.

Not to be outdone, the far-left head of Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted the following:  “Justice for black people would not flow into society merely from court decisions nor from fountains of political oratory. Justice for black people cannot be achieved without radical changes in the structure of our society.”

And what does that mean? Radical changes in the structure of our society. Would that mean Apple giving up some of its wealth?  I guess they’re afraid of having their stores vandalized. So they also caved into the BLM movement.

And Starbucks,  another multinational chain afraid of having their storefronts broken by BLM.  Starbucks CEO wrote on Twitter that “The verdict was a step forward, but the need to address the root causes of what led us to this day still remains.”

Again not to be outdone is Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who wrote a similar thing:  “We’re in solidarity, blah, blah, blah”.

The Business Round Table, a nonprofit whose members are CEOs of major U.S. companies wrote: “Today’s verdict confirms that George Floyd is the victim of a senseless crime.”  Really?  We all agree with that.  “The verdict is a step toward justice.  Unarmed black men and women continue to die at the hands of the police.”

Can you tell me who would become a cop in this climate of police hatred?  Of course Chauvin was guilty. I said he was from the beginning.  But 99.9% of all police are the only thing we have between us and the mobs.

And there were many others:  PayPal, Wells Fargo, General Motors, Microsoft, Ecolab, the Sports leagues.   The NFL says “We must continue to help move our society toward a more equal than just tomorrow.”  What does that mean?  What kind of jibberish is this?

And here’s more.  We’ve learned that the U.S. Postal Service is monitoring conservative groups in the United States of America. They are running a covert operation to monitor social posts, not of BLM, not of Antifa, but of anyone on the conservative side.    And so the U.S. postal Service, in addition to not delivering mail on time, in addition to having no reason to exist by and large, except to deliver welfare checks and social security checks … they have their detectives trolling through social media sites to look for what the document describes as inflammatory postings, and then sharing that information across government agencies.

So what is an inflammatory posting? Anything they declare to be inflammatory.  Even the left wing groups are getting worried about this. They were not so worried when Proud Boy members were being looked at, but how about now that the government’s monitoring of American social media is now possibly going to turn to other protesters and those engaged in protected First Amendment activities.

So now all of a sudden left-wing civil liberties experts are alarmed at the post office of surveillance program. This is how it begins!  When they came for the conservatives you didn’t raise your voice because you weren’t a conservative, but when they came for the liberals and the communists and the Marxists, suddenly you’re raising your voice because you are them.

This is how it begins, but it’s not how it ends. Things are getting much worse than you could imagine, and faster than a speeding bullet.


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