SAVAGE at NEWSMAX – From Academy Awards to Diversity Rewards: America in Free Fall

Dr. Michael Savage at NewsMax: ‘From Academy Awards to Diversity Rewards: America in Free Fall’


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Today we’re going to talk about the Academy Awards, the communist revolution going on in America, and how they are connected. They both point to an America in free fall.

“From Academy awards to diversity rewards,” that’s what we saw Sunday night. The most leftwing, amateurish, sophomoric anti-white anti-American, “wokest” Oscars ceremony ever.

Why do I watch the Academy Awards?

I am a social commentator, and my job is to comment on societal issues. This is the world series of entertainment and these people, believe it or not, are very influential. Multiple times Sunday night, someone got up on the stage and attacked America, attacked the police.

No matter what is done in this country, it’s never going to be enough for those with grievances built into their DNA.

Where do they expect this to go? A police free nation where we’ll all be slaughtered in the streets?

You may have heard that the United States is one of the top countries in the world for gun violence. That is true.

But it is primarily in the cities run by the far left: Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia. If you eliminate these cities run by far left mayors, then we’re amongst the lowest in terms of gun violence.

Another thing to know about this 93rd Academy awards presentation. It was watched by a mere 9.85 million with a dismal rating of 1.9 among the 18 to 49 demographic.

That is an all-time low for Hollywood’s award ceremony. It’s a drop of 58% in terms of audience, from what the previous low of the 2020 Oscars got.

You could say it’s because of COVID but it’s not because of COVID. It’s because of the politics, the anti-American themes, the hatred for police. Nobody wants to watch it any more. And very few people did watch it.

The day they start making movies that salute America, salute the police, salute the military, salute the family and salute the church, we’ll have people back watching movies again.

But in today’s Hollywood, every film is regulated to suit a particular left wing viewpoint. You have to have at least 50% oppressed people or some kind of person who is not the norm.

You have to show a character suffering due to a white villain. You have to have a negative view of the United States or otherwise be friendly to Joe Biden or Democrat causes and beliefs.

Eventually Hollywood will do a remake of “Little Women” with an all-transgender cast, and it will be celebrated it as a breakthrough masterpiece.

Remember, most celebrities are poorly educated, if educated at all. They went to high schools for performing arts. They know nothing about science. And yet they talk about global warming.

The best actor category was the last award of the night. And Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors in history, won the award. The left went nuts because they wanted a “person of color” to win.

But come to think of it, why didn’t Biden win the award for the best act of a Presidency? He is someone who’s making believe he’s a great President when he’s nothing but a front for the communist left.

This leads us to our next focus, and something I want to read to you. It’s related to the Oscars because Hollywood is a bellwether for the direction our culture is moving right now. And it’s not in a good direction. America is in free fall.

I will share some excerpts from a very good article. A friend of mine who is Special Forces, Green Beret from the Vietnam era and one of my heroes, sent me an article called “The Communist Revolution in America: America in Free Fall.”

I have the full article linked up at my website,

Here are a few excerpts:

“If you were a fervent America-hating Marxist living in the United States, what would you do with a nation that was rich, powerful and highly successful? What do you do with a nation that has religious freedom, is basically a moral country, respectful of law and order with the Judeo-Christian principles of hard work, the dignity of human life, strong family ties, common decency, a strong desire for education, and a sense of accountability to God?”

“America has freedom, capitalism, the opportunity to go up the economic ladder as far as your willingness to work hard. It is not a perfect country, but it is constantly improving, rearranging and evolving. It is the envy of the world.”

“What do you do when you have a commitment to turn this nation around to your way of thinking? Now, remember this is not early 20th century Russia, where people lived the life of serfs. You certainly don’t try to instigate a violent revolution against freedom.”

“No, you change the culture. You let the people make the change. They just need a push in the left direction. You find its past faults and pull off any scabs you can find, to stop the healing.”

“You use their freedom to destroy them.”


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