PODCAST: Malone / Savage : Vaccines

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Part 1:

Savage welcomes Dr. Robert Malone. Why is the establishment focused on discrediting Malone? Savage asks about the difference between Covid vaccine and measles, etc. vaccinations. Malone explains that COVID-19 vaccine is not licensed, other concerns. Malone explains myocarditis concerns for Covid-19 vaccination for boys. Malone reviews the rulings at the Nuremberg Trials. The trials established that we would not force people to take experimental medical treatments. Malone explains what a mRNA vaccine is. Covid is an RNA virus much like influenza. Malone is not anti-vaccine, in fact, has been involved in vaccination science. Malone states that the data is established. He states that the risk-benefit for children is inverted. Children face better outcomes without the vaccine. The government has created financial incentives for Covid-19 treatments and deaths. Malone reviews The Atlantic attack piece on him. The Atlantic has been purchased by Gates and other tech oligarchs. Malone posited that only the most vulnerable should have been vaccinated. He hypothesized that we would have breakthrough variants. Fauci and others had email communication that they would silence epidemiologists and others who questioned the lockdowns and other measures. Savage and Malone take on Fauci. Fauci is above the law. Malone has been placed in a digital gulag. Malone’s considerations are focused on children and the vaccine. Israel pushing the vaccine more than any other nation. Malone explains that Israel is receiving incentives from Pfizer for vaccinations. Malone states that Pfizer is a criminal organization. Pfizer considers fines just part of doing business. Malone warns against over use of vaccination much like the use of antibiotics. Initial vaccination designed for the original Wuhan variant. Savage and Malone discuss mass formation psychosis. Language changed for anti-vaxx. Also, calls made for changes to the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Trials.