Opening Monologue: FACTORIES OF HATE

AT NEWSMAX NOW: By Michael Savage Thursday, 1 April 2021 3:21 PM EDT

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I want to talk about the factories of hate. That would be CNN, the media, universities, and the establishment left who have a vendetta against one thing, and one thing only, and that is white people.

I don’t know how this is legally permitted in America because it is unconstitutional, racist and Hitlerian.

Every time I see another story from one of these small-minded, illiterate, low IQ haters such as Occasional Cortex (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) who seems to live to spew hatred towards white people, I ask myself how did this happen in my country?

How have we gone from Martin Luther King Junior’s message of, “I want little white children and little black children to live peacefully and harmoniously together,” to now, hating white people is acceptable?

How did this happen in our universities?

I could talk about the left, I could talk about the philosophy that led to this Hitlerian moment in America, but it has to stop and the only way this will stop, the only way to stop these factories of hate is for you … the audience of the Savage Nation and the American people … to say enough is enough and stop it.

Whenever you hear it, whether it be at a board meeting a school meeting, I don’t know where you’ll hear it in these days of no meetings at all.

When you hear one of these throwbacks…and when I say throw back, it could be a white person, probably is a white person, there is no doubt this comes from mostly from white people.

The hatred comes from the white community against white people.

It could only end in a mountain of skulls as it did under Pol Pot in Cambodia a long time ago. Cambodia was once a harmonious nation, and then a little man by the name of Pol Pot went to Paris and studied philosophy, so to speak, at the University of Paris, and he came back filled with Marxism.

And since his country was primarily one race, he brought back with him class warfare of the type that Joe Biden is waging under the guise of fairness.

The class Pol Pot had to attack was the middle class of Cambodia, and so he picked on those with eyeglasses. He said anyone with eyeglasses is a capitalist pig. That would be the teachers, the architects, the engineers, the accountants, the educated Cambodians.

They were picked on by 12- and 13-year-old kids. Pol Pot gave them red scarves. They became known as the Khmer Rouge.

First, they started humiliating those with eyeglasses, as being corrupt and evil. It started not with killing. It began with a verbal assault against people who had achieved education in Cambodia.

And people figured, well, it’s just words. It was a “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me” kind of thing. But it didn’t stop there.

This poison came into our society from the most vile people in the history of mankind. Bernie Sanders is one of them. Bernie Sanders is the man who poisoned millions of minds with this racial hatred.

He poisoned the mind of Alexandria Occasional Cortex and millions of young people. So, we have class warfare under Joe Biden.

Under what guise? Debt of up to a trillion dollars in the first half of 2021.

No spending constraints on slip and fall Joe. This Infrastructure plan, which is nothing but construction for organized crime, government expansion, and the largest tax increase since 1968 will destroy the future for your children.

How in the world can this happen that we sit here idly and say nothing, and do nothing?

You open up the newspaper, you turn on CNN and they tell you it’s not possible to knowa  person’s gender identity at birth, Biden, reverses the trans ban in the military.

The world has gone insane. It’s upside down.

But again, they’re making it all about class warfare and race warfare. They’re making it that white people are the worst people on the planet.

How did they get this in their heads? Bernie Sanders. Marxism. Divide and conquer. Unify the people of color against white people and run with it all the way to the bank. Pelosi’s used this in her playbook.

Where does it end?

It ends in a mountain of skulls. You have a big job to do, which is to save yourself, save your family and save the nation.

That’s going to take some risk. It’s going to take standing up to these haters, and saying, “That is vile, that is racist that’s unconstitutional, I will not listen to this garbage.”

 You’re going to run these people out of the colleges, out of their schools, out of the board meetings — because if you don’t, they will dig a shallow grave for you and your family.

Mark my words.

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