NEWSMAX: Opening Monologue: I Don’t Owe Reparations

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Reparations? I’ve been paying them all my life through affirmative action, through high taxation, through the cost of policing and prisons. Now, let me be clear. I’m an immigrant’s son. I have never taken a nickel from a slave. My family has never profited from slavery. Black people did not build anything that my family profited from ever, despite what the leftist vermin want to want you to believe. They’re telling you we all benefited from it?

Now let’s look into this reparations lie. There are some rich white families who have profited from slavery and if people have grievances, that’s who they should go to. There are corporations who may have initially profited from slavery. That’s who they should go to. The King of Spain profited greatly from slavery. The Arabian Kings profited greatly from slavery. Let them go to the King of Spain, and the Arabian Princes, and take the money from them. Good luck.

But I, as an American, an immigrant’s son, never kept a slave, never benefited from slavery. We worked our behinds off. Now, one of the biggest lies ever promulgated by the Black Revisionist historians is the reparation lie. It is an absolute lie to say that black slavery built America. Well, that’s like saying the Chinese who were conscripted to build a railroad, built California. Well, they didn’t build California, they built the railroad tracks. Moreover, you never hear the Chinese screaming for reparations. When have you last heard the Chinese screaming that someone owes them something?

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