The Michael Savage Show – Tuesday April 13, 2021


Today’s podcast is about another tragedy. Another black man, a young man was shot by a cop in Minnesota. Now, hold on, we understand it’s an accidental officer involved shooting. At least you can watch the video yourself and you all have seen this by now, the woman who shot this kid, and by the way, he was a gang banger. He was seen on Instagram brandishing an unlicensed weapon the night before.  He was a no-good-nic, but that does not justify killing him.

Let me be very clear. Another thing to know about this that I can add to this discussion that no one else has mentioned is this: Did you notice the riots in Minnesota? What have you noticed about them? That’s unique? Well, what you noticed about them is that they’re rioting while Biden is in office!  This president, not Trump. This tends to diminish the argument that all of these Antifa and BLM riots were aimed at Trump.

So now they’re being aimed at Biden. What does that tell you? It tells you they’re anarchists and they have to be stopped by this party. The Democrat party.  How’s that?  It is time to stop them. It is time to arrest them. It is time to use martial force if necessary, to get these vermin off the street, because you can see now it doesn’t matter whether it’s Trump or Biden. They want to tear the country to ribbons and break the country down and threaten all of our lives.

But let’s go back to the accidental officer involved shooting in Minnesota. It’s a terrible story. If you watch the video tape, as I have done repeatedly today, it’s awful. You can hear the cop saying, Oh, I just shot him. Cop mistook her own gun for a taser before shooting this 20 year old Minnesota man dead.
She meant to pull her taser and she shot him with a gun.  Who was this idiot?   They’re going to dismiss it from the court. They won’t remove her from the police force, but who is she?

They pull the guy over, which they had a right to do. He was cuffed, which they had a right to do. They had no right to shoot him dead. Absolutely not. Now he had an outstanding arrest warrant that justifies pulling him over and stopped him.  This Daunte Wright, he tried to run away after he was pulled over. You don’t run away. When a cop pulls you over, I’m sorry. This is now becoming an epidemic of perps running away, knowing that the cops can’t do anything to them.  

Meanwhile, demonstrators back on the streets, Antifa, BLM, rioting, burning looting, and this has to stop. There’s no justification whatsoever for burning stores to the ground and excusing it in the name of racial justice. You know that, and I know that.  What does that have to do with shooting this kid?

There’s the same crowds of anarchists and thugs and criminals in BLM and antifa. They’re destroying the city.  They’re not protesters. They’re anarchists. And they looted and burned. Dozens of stores near shingle Creek Parkway. Many of them, the same business that were recovering from the riots after George Floyd’s death. Last year, there were reports of looting in other cities, including stores along Lake street in Minneapolis. This is not going to end well for anybody.

And there was another one:  Last week, a former NFL player, a Black man, murdered five people in South Carolina, including a doctor, a doctor’s wife, their grandchildren, and someone working in the backyard and air conditioning, man.  And we’re supposed to believe that he was a victim due to brain damage from the NFL. Nobody burned and looted in South Carolina.

These terrorists in Minnesota are terrorists. They need to be stopped and they need to be put away immediately. Having said that there was no justification for having shot this kid. He was a no-good-nic.  There was a warrant out for his arrest. If you could want to take a look on my website,, we got it this morning. You’ll see the new face of BLM. It was sent to us via Instagram and it showed Daunte Wright flashing his unregistered hand gun while smoking a blunt just the night before. And he was wanted on a warrant.   Now he is the poster boy for BLM on Instagram.  

It’s a tragedy all around. Nobody wins. The main point to remember here is the rioting is still going on.  Despite the fact that Biden, the left-wing fanatic, is in office. You can’t say this was all orchestrated by Biden to bring down Trump, but we have now is clear and present evidence that it is time to arrest the rioters or use martial force to stop them. 


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