Michael Savage Calls for New ‘Comp-Right’ Movement, Identity: ‘All Citizens Welcome’

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The Republican Party must define itself “rather than let the left” continue to define it, according to conservative radio legend Michael Savage, who called for a new movement and identity that he dubbed the “comp-right” (which stands for compassion) — where “borders, language and culture are the unifying themes” and “all citizens are welcome,” as he warned that if the border is not sealed, “we’re dead as a nation.” Appearing on Newsmax TV’s “The Count” on Saturday, Savage weighed in on Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) for nearly attacking fellow Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) on Friday night after the 14th failed attempt to elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as speaker of the House, saying it resembled the Ukrainian parliament of several years ago “where people got into fistfights on a regular basis.” “I was hoping actually to see a real brawl; it would have been a relief after [former Democratic House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s years in Congress,” he said. Describing the matter as a “power play” where “people were jockeying for positions on committees,” Savage said the real focus needs to be on the Republican Party and its message. “[They said] Kevin McCarthy gave an interesting speech after he was finally nominated: he’ll reduce the IRS agents, he’ll do this, he’ll do that — it all sounds very good but there’s no unifying message from the Republican party, and I think that they need to define themselves rather than let the left continue to define them,” he stated. “They need to say borders, language and culture, in one way or another,” he added. Savage, a New York Times best-selling author, accused the “corrupt” Biden administration of having “literally melted down our cell wall and turned us into an amorphous blob where there’s almost no nation left; where millions are pouring over the border like invading microbes.” According to Savage, if Republicans — in order to maintain power — wish to unify their voters, they must “define what they stand for” rather than merely oppose Democrats. “Don’t let the left continue to define the conservative patriot movement,” he said. Describing a vision that came to him that morning, Savage reported awakening “thinking we need a new movement and a new identity.” “The identity is not ‘alt-right’ — remember they try to define us as ‘alt-right’ to make us sound like Nazis,” he said. “Then we were ‘white supremacists’ in order to make us sound like Nazis and fascists.” “We cannot let the Communists continue to do this,” he added. Instead, Savage opted for the label “comp-right,” which stands for “compassion.” “I envision a new movement for the nation and the Republican Party,” he said. “‘Comp’ for compassion — where borders, language and culture are the unifying themes.” Under the new movement, he explained, “all citizens are welcome; all races are welcome; [and] all sexual orientations are welcome.” “Because without the founding principles of the U.S. Constitution, as expressed in our borders, language and culture, in our constitution – we are all doomed to disappear, both as individuals and as a nation,” he said.

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