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I watched a fascinating documentary on Netflix last night and couldn’t stop watching. It’s called Trump: An American Dream. It’s a British documentary and as you can imagine it was designed to be a hit job. But guess what, it comes out as exactly the opposite. I could see the romantic and idealist he was in several different areas.

In one case, he says to an interviewer that when his wife Ivana, who was his business partner, would come home from work, she would say we’re going to do this, this and this tonight and he didn’t want to live like that. She became more a business partner than a wife. That’s when he started to look for someone else to be his romantic partner.

Another indicator is what he does for a living. He is a builder. He could have been a doctor or anything else but he chose to be a builder. What is a builder after all? Someone who wants to root themselves to the land and cement their legacy to the land itself. Think about what it takes to be motivated to build buildings like that. What drives someone into that world? He’s rooting his name into the nation the same way he did in New York. He is deeply connected to America moreso than any President in our lifetimes.

And that is why the globalists and internationalists hate him. They have no loyalty or connection to this nation. They see America as an apartment that they have rented and can leave as soon as possible. They are not rooted here. They are fundamentally men without a country which is why they hate a man who loves this country.

In the 1970’s New York City was a giant sewer. Buildings were falling apart, crime was rampant, filth was everywhere and something needed to be done. President Ford famously told the city that they wouldn’t be getting any federal money to save it. A legendary hotel in the middle of Manhattan was set to close because of the terrible economy. Donald Trump had a vision to buy this hotel and make it into something modern and dynamic.

What he asked for was a tax abatement. Many called it corporate welfare, but at that time and that place it was an innovative idea that would put private money into the city and provide jobs. So what happened? He built a beautiful hotel in the middle of Manhattan, created hundreds of jobs, and brought a jewel to a place that was dying.

And what was he met with? Unmitigated jealousy for his success. The same thing happened years later with the Wollman Ice Rink. It was an icon in Central Park and was falling apart. The city planned to rebuild it in 2 years at a cost of about 4.9 million dollars. After 6 years the work still wasn’t completed and the city had spent 12.9 million dollars. Trump offered to rebuild the rink at his expense in return for leases to run the rink and the restaurant next to it. Also he asked the city to reimburse his costs and he would donate any profits to charity.

And what did he do? He finished the renovations in 4 months and $750,000 under budget. He gave most of his profit to charity as promised, including groups like United Cerebral Palsy, Partnership for the Homeless, and Gay Men’s Health Crisis. That’s right, the supposedly homophobic Trump was donating to Gay charities all the way back in the 80’s.

The mayor at the time was Ed Koch, and instead of working with Trump on more projects, he took away the tax abatements that stopped him from building the tallest building in world. And why? Because of unmitigated jealousy and hatred for someone who loves his country and loves the American Dream and wants to see it happen for others.

Let’s be clear: Trump is fundamentally a romantic and an idealist. He romanticized the city of New York. His passion is idealism. It’s the American Dream. It is taking something falling apart and rebuilding it. It is building something out of nothing. This is why Hollywood and the left hate him. Because he is the depiction of what they try to portray.

And that connectivity to the land is exactly what unites him to the average person. They relate to him even though he’s rich because he sees the country the same way the average Eddie does. They don’t look at nationalism as white supremacy as the media would like you to believe. They look at nationalism as a love of country, as a place where you can dream big and produce great things. They are romantics and idealists just like Trump. That is why Trump was able to win states the experts said were impossible. States like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. That is why he is so upset at General Motors right now. Because they are hurting Eddie.

And the unmitigated jealousy they have for him is why they hate him. They are not romantics or idealists. They are elitist. They do not understand Eddie. Trump had the nerve to do things in New York people said couldn’t be done and he did them. He’s trying to do the same for America right now. But those same jealousies, from both sides are trying to stand in his way again.

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