‘It CAN Happen Here: The Dam Has Been Breached’ – The Michael Savage Show – Friday September 17, 2021

Today’s podcast is inspired by a 1935 novel by Sinclair Lewis entitled “It Can’t Happen Here” which envisions a United States taken over by a fascist regime.  Savage is here to tell us that in fact it CAN happen here.  And it IS happening here.  Liberals tried to push the narrative that Trump had fascist tendencies, but Biden is the true fascist.  Nationwide vaccine mandate.  Cadres of neo-Brownshirts in the form of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter violently enforcing a liberal agenda.  A ministry of propaganda run by media demagogues.  Patriots imprisoned indefinitely after the January 6 Capitol incursion.  Meanwhile Gavin Newsom who imposed perhaps the most draconian covid controls of any U.S. governor, just won a recall referendum.  In his 2014 book, “Stop the Coming Civil War” Savage wrote that the country was more divided than ever in its history, not between the states but between those who believe in freedom and those who want a communistic bureaucracy running every aspect of our lives.  After a brief shining moment with President Trump, it seems we’re now living in Obama’s third term.  Finally, archival audio of Savage analyzing the January 6 events at the Capitol and the shameful way in which many Patriots have been treated.   The dam truly has been breached.  Image courtesy of Blackstone Audiobooks, Ashland OR.

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