Exclusive: Michael Savage Blasts ‘Neo-Soviet’ Attempt to Silence Him by ‘Fact-Checking’ Group

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Following the latest “neo-Soviet” reported attempt to silence him by a “fact-checking” organization, conservative radio legend Michael Savage slammed the group founded by left-wing media activists, accusing it of trying to “destroy” right-wing views and “control the narrative completely.” In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Friday, conservative radio host and best-selling author Michael Savage responded to recent attempts by NewsGuard — a company that claims to track online “misinformation” — to directly pressure his ad agency to drop his podcast. In an email to Savage’s advertising agency, the group highlighted his podcasts discussing the COVID vaccine as well as climate change, sending “reams of articles” contrary to his stated positions. “As you well know, NewsGuard is in bed with Big Pharma and funded by Big Pharma through third parties,” he said. “Don’t they know better? Don’t these people understand that they’re now the new Soviets?” he asked. “They don’t. It’s money; just money.” Savage called the letter a “legal” error in that it was a form of interference with his economic advantage, given the group avoided turning to him with questions prior to approaching his advertising agency directly. “In a court of law, that’s an actionable offense,” he noted. He also referenced a report describing the group’s purpose, funding sources, and ties to the U.S. government as well as “neoconservatives and powerful monied interests — all of whom are working overtime since the 2016 election to silence dissent to American forever wars and corporate-led oligarchy.”

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