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Blame Michael Savage. Blame Breitbart. Blame Fox News. Blame conservative talk radio and Right-wing social media. Blame ‘em all.

While obviously the above is stated tongue in cheek, there is truth to it. Before these people and entities hit the scene, largely in the 1990s, the American news media was a small but one-sided liberal mouthpiece largely consisting of the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time magazine, perhaps The Nation, plus the networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, and a newcomer called CNN.

To give one example, in 1968 Walter Cronkite of CBS News got on the air after the Tet Offensive and announced that it was his considered opinion that the Vietnam War was not worth fighting. Over night the public turned against the war. Left out of the reporting was news that the United States won every battle of the Tet Offensive, decisively. After the U.S. did pull out, the North Vietnamese Communists overwhelmed the South, murdering 1 million men, women and children. Then Cambodia went Communist, as the “domino theory” predicted, and 1.5 million human beings were murdered there.

Add to this story Watergate, reported from one-sided news sources that refused to expose the fact Lyndon Johnson and Robert F. Kennedy did precisely what Richard Nixon did some eight years earlier (with Nixon driven from office, the Communists became adventurous, invading Africa, Latin America and Afghanistan). Fast-forward to 2016-17, when conservatives like Dr. Michael Savage revealed that President Barack Hussein Obama were committing crimes far worse than Watergate, using the FBI and the CIA to spy on political rival Donald Trump during his campaign and in his first months in office, in order to drum up phony stories about Russian collusion and other “fake news.”

Make no mistake, the modern liberal order took notice when Dr. Savage and other like-minded mavens of conservative media had the temerity to expose the truth to mass audiences. Gone were the days of a Left-wing monopoly of the airwaves and the printed news media. 

No, they have not taken this lying down. No, they are not fighting “fair.” 

The Left cannot win the argument. The facts are not allies to their cause. They cannot win the culture war. They must lie, cheat, steal and play dirty. The latest example comes in the form of a shadowy, unknown organization called Funded in part by a Left-wing activist and media mogul named Steven Brill, they have taken it upon themselves to “rate” media entities. This is like Joseph Goebbels deciding that Stars & Stripes deserved a low rating because they reported true facts about the Nazis.

Recently they have sicced one of their hacks, Macrena Wang, on Dr. Savage. They do not like Dr. Savage’s views on the Chinese Communist virus, climate change, election fraud or anything else. Whether they are funded by George Soros is hidden from truth-seekers. Most everything evil in the modern world is. But like Lucifer his hand is not exposed. Their tactics are tiring but exhausting: boycott Dr. Savage’s advertisers, go after his ad agency, hassle and use rear-guard guerrilla tactics, like so many flies biting an elephant.

These tactics have not worked and will not work, but they must be fought. However, Dr. Savage like others in his position have had to spend millions defending themselves. Remember that he speaks for you. To silence Dr. Savage is to silence your voice! 

The battle between good and evil is on-going. It happens every day. It is not new to Dr. Savage. He is still banned in Britain because he possessed knowledge the terrorists we were fighting in the 2000s were all Muslim. He was hassled constantly by a proto-terrorist organization call CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations), which is the Pravda of Islam.

Dr. Savage has been fighting these pesky flies of the Left since he broke into talk radio like the first shot at Lexington in 1994. He was at a local San Francisco station whose star talk host was a Communist gadfly named Bernie Ward. He took exception to the good doctor’s politics. According to Dr. Savage Ward literally soiled his own pants and the smell of feces wafted through the studio when he would arrive. Ward would announce he could hear the “white sheets rustling,” as if to insinuate that a Jewish man raised to be a Democrat in New York City was somehow akin to the KKK.

God as we all know watches and waits and brought old Bernie down. It was revealed a few years back the man was basically a child molester who masturbated to his son’s male friends visiting his house. He had to sit in jail with the knowledge that Dr. Michael Savage was making millions, was the idol of millions, all while producing excellence to national and international audiences each day. In truth Ward can thank God he was punished in this life, which is far preferable to punishment in the next.

But the enemy has put many Bernie Wards on this Earth to stop conservatives and Christians. They use boycotts, the courts and lies to spread falsehoods while attempting to silence truth-tellers like Dr. Michael Savage.

Dr. Savage is just one of many conservatives who must fight this evil. All successful conservative media personalities and their organizations must fight this effort at silencing and canceling their voices. In the mean time the Right fights fair. They do not advocate shutting up speakers on college campuses or voices on the air and in print, because they know they have the ultimate trump card, a better message.

These conservativces are “victims of their own success.” If they were not so brilliant and so spot-on, their messages resonating so loudly with the American public, the liberal media would still have the power they had 50 years ago. They hate the fact we have entered their domain and taken what is rightfully ours!

In the mean time, if readers desire to help Dr. Savage in his fight, they can investigate, Steven Brill, Macrena Wang and all their affiliated actors, exposing them for what they are.

Steven Travers is a former Hollywood screenwriter who has authored over 30 books including Coppola’s Monster Film: The Making of Apocalypse Now (2016). One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game That Changed a Nation (2007) is currently under film development. He is a USC graduate and attorney with a Ph.D who taught at USC and attended the UCLA Writers’ Program. He played professional baseball, served in the Army JAG corps in D.C., was in investment banking on Wall Street, worked in politics, lived in Europe, and was a sports agent before finding his calling as a writer. He has written for the San Francisco Examiner, L.A. Times, StreetZebra, Gentry magazine, Newsman and He lives in California and has one daughter, Elizabeth. He can be reached at or on Twitter @STWRITES.

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