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As we mark a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world watches and waits in fear of what is to come. An emboldened Zelensky, an incompetent Biden, and an unwavering Putin hold the fate of the world in their hands. While warmongers beat the drums of war, Col. Douglas Macgregor has become a courageous, sober voice calling for a path to peace. Understanding the true weight of war, Macgregor warns that we have forgotten what is at stake and what the ultimate costs would be. Hear Savage and Col. Macgregor on the latest developments from the warfront. Why has Biden become hawkish after taking a moderate approach? Who is pulling Biden’s strings? Why has China taken a more aggressive approach to peace negotiations at this time? Who is behind the explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline? What is the role of Belarus in their neighbor’s war? Where do we go from here?

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