Col. Macgregor – Ukraine Suffering Staggering Losses – #613

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Satellite image reveals mass graves as Ukraine suffers shocking loss of life.

Col. Macgregor is back to share his expertise on the war in Ukraine. Macgregor covers:

Over 400,000 dead Ukrainians; Why Russians are able to hold their ground; Ukrainian soldiers are discouraged, defecting; How Washington is scrambling to escape from this disaster; The US lied and said weapons would only be used defensively; How Russia is retaliating by destroying weaponry; Why the US is pushing cruise missiles; How this conflict has brought China and Russia closer; How America is losing power; Most Americans oppose more aid to Ukraine and the Polish people do not want to enter war; America is hyping up war with China; War has become too profitable and we have lost our fear of war; also, What is happening in Niger? How Western influence in Africa is causing conflict.

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