Biden Funds Covert Parole Pipeline for Illegals to Reach U.S. Jobs, Housing

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President Joe Biden’s border chief is using Mexico-based migrant advocacy groups to smuggle off-the-books economic migrants into Americans’ workplaces and housing.

Border chief Alejandro Mayorkas is allowing the progressive groups in Mexico to help job-seeking migrants file online legal requests for “immigration parole.” Many of the applications are quickly approved, so allowing the poor migrants to avoid the cartels’ border taxes, and to safely walk into the United States through the official “Ports of Entry.”

This process allows economic migrants to take U.S. jobs and housing needed by poor Americans — even though many millions of Americans are poor and have fallen out of the workforce.

The parole doorway was created by Congress to enable the legal entry of a small number of emergency cases, such as a foreign seaman suffering a heart attack. But the useful loophole has been hugely expanded by Mayorkas’ Department of Homeland Security into a “humanitarian parole” freeway into Americans’ workplaces.

Agency data suggests that up to 100,000 southern migrants have been quietly delivered into the United States by Mayorkas, a Cuba-born, pro-migration zealot.


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