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Rabbi Michael Barclay – American Thinker

It’s easy to like or to hate Michael Savage; but with 2 master’s degrees, a PhD from UC Berkeley, and having authored 44 books, his intelligence is undeniable. In his 2003 bestselling book, The Savage Nation, he clarifies the war from the left on “borders, language, and culture”. Twenty years later, we all need to truly look at the destruction our society is experiencing and evaluate not only if Dr. Savage’s analysis two decades ago is accurate, but what can be done about it. I will leave the issue of borders to more political commentators and focus on the other two values of culture and language. These are the roots of Western Civilization, and if we look even briefly, we can see how they have been co-opted by the far left into what is clearly destroying society, as we have known it for centuries.

Oliver Wendall Holmes famously said, “Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” The left has changed the English language over the last twenty years into a weapon for their agenda. They successfully shifted “pro-abortion” to “pro-choice”, and now to “reproductive rights”. The language changed the concept of supporting an operation that kills a fetus into a “right” to do so. The accurate and harsh term of “transvestite” moved to the more palatable “cross-dresser”, and then to the joyous euphemistic label of “drag queen”. From there, the left has now been working to label men with gender dysphoria as “women”, to such an extent that a now Supreme Court Justice was unable to define what a woman actually is.

The crime of pedophilia is one of the most dangerous and psychologically sick actions a human being can do. It violates every moral value of humanity. And yet, the left is now attempting to legitimize this depravity by changing language. No longer do they want these criminals to be called out as pedophiles, but are now re-labeling a violator of children as a “minor-attracted person”. Savage was right. The left is not only attempting to change Western civilization through language, but they are winning that war currently.

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