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Do you think Feinstein and Pelosi would be in office this long were it not for the votes of the illegal aliens in California? Donald Trump has suggested a merit-based immigration program, which is a shock to all of those politicians living off the illegal immigrant, whether through votes or through money being kicked up in one way or another. Yes, merit-based immigration. Let me start on my point of view. I am the only talk show host in the United States of America in the major leagues, top five, who is an immigrant’s son, okay? Go and debate that if you want. None of the others come from an immigrant family. I’m talking about direct immigrant family. My father was an immigrant. Do you understand what I just said to you? I am a first-generation American. That gives me a very special view of the entire issue of immigration, because I don’t hate immigrants. I speak their language.

I love to watch the hard-working immigrants who I talk with. I’ve never seen workers like that in my life, whether they’re on construction sites or elsewhere, I’ve never seen workers like this. Ask anyone who works with them. Now we have a problem, though. The problem is not the hard-working immigrant in the restaurant. The problem is that he has a wife at home with a number of children, who may not be working. They’re probably not, and they’re receiving enormous amounts of welfare benefits that you can’t even imagine. Legal, medical, health. That’s why our healthcare system is broken. Our healthcare system is largely broken because we are caring for millions of people who are not even citizens. But as an immigrant’s son, I’m a compassionate man.

Now I know many of you are confused by this situation, because in your heart you’re a good person. That’s okay to think you’re a good person. Everyone else is bad, you’re good. And many of you say, “But we’re a nation of immigrants. We’re a nation of immigrants.” Well, not so fast. For example, if you quote the statement on the Statue of Liberty, you know the one? “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Those are beautiful words. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” We all think, “Wow. Well, that’s America. We’ve always accepted the poor, the masses, the wretched refuse.”

There’s one little problem for you good liberals, and that is this poem by Emma Lazarus, which is forever emblazoned on our Statue of Liberty, was written before there was a welfare state. So the tired, and the poor, and the huddled masses who came here at that time were not coming here to sit on their fat behinds and drink a beer, or whatever they do and do nothing. No, no, they worked their behinds off in factories. That’s why they lived 16 to a room. There’s nothing waiting for them. Although the words were noble, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” largely they were brought over to break their backs in America, working for the owners of factories, the owners of mines, production lines. That’s what they came here for, and they did so. Did they love the work? No they didn’t sit there and they didn’t love the work. They hated it, but they knew it put meat on the table. It’s that simple. They did it grimly, hoping that their child or children would do better than they did.

That was the American way. The immigrant came here hoping that their children and their children’s children would do better than they did. They did not expect to go to the front of the line and push the native-born out of the way. Nobody was waiting for them from NYU or Columbia with a gold-plated immigration program where they push poor Americans into the gutter so the illegal immigrant could go ahead of them. That was not the system. We all love a merit-based system, except those corrupt, so-called liberal politicians who live off their votes, and live off their labor in one way or another.

Never before in human history have we seen a mass population change of the type that is occurring in America over these last years, since the drunk Kennedy lied when he passed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. That dirty drunk from Massachusetts. That drunk, Kennedy, got up and said when he was trying to pass this bill, “This will not change the demographics of America. No American worker will be displaced. Not at all,” said Kennedy the drunk, working for nefarious forces. But you see mass population changes of this type have never occurred in human history, unless a nation had been conquered by an invading army. You think I’m making this up? Study your history.

You may be familiar with the Babylonian exile story in the Old Testament. After Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem for the Babylonians, he marched most of the population off to the Babylonian homeland. According to the biblical account, the Jews were later allowed to return to Jerusalem and rebuild Solomon’s temple. Interesting temple, isn’t it? The Jewish temple that the Muslims are screaming is theirs. That’s the story for another time. After the Muslims conquered Israel, or Jerusalem, they burned the old temple to the ground and built their mosque there, which they claim is the third holiest site. Tell me, what site is not holy to a Muslim? It is the 30,000th holiest site to a Muslim, but that’s a second story.

What you may not know is that mass deportations like this were fairly routine in the ancient world. It didn’t just happen to the Jews. It happened to most conquered peoples. Not only would conquering emperors march the existing population out of the conquered territory, but they would march populations from a different conquered territory in. There were many reasons for this, but one is intuitive. By separating conquered peoples from their homelands, they were easier to control. Not only are people with long ties to the land they reside on more willing to defend it against enemies, they are more resistant to centralized control by a distant capital. They build up long standing legal and cultural traditions that form the basis for local self-government.

This is the same argument that Thomas Jefferson made in a summary view of the rights of British America against taxation and legislation by the British Parliament. He didn’t merely say the colonists rejected Parliament’s legislation because the colonies weren’t represented. You may think that’s what he said. No, no, no. Jefferson also said they didn’t want to be represented in Parliament, that in fact they could never be represented in Parliament. That’s because their longstanding tradition of legislation by their own local assemblies was the basis of their liberty. Only a blind man could fail to see the parallel to what governments all over the West are doing now, and what ancient conquering emperors did.

By importing mass populations from alien, hostile cultures, and deliberately planting them throughout their countries, western nations are fundamentally changing the existing populations. Allowed to continue, the populations of Europe and the United States will no longer be the same people who have existed there for hundreds of thousands of years, and who built long standing traditions of liberty and local self-government. This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with culture. In Government Zero, a book I wrote a few years ago, I told you how Little Mogadishu in Minnesota.That population has no longstanding tradition of local self-government or individual liberty. These refugees from an alien culture, whose offspring will be American citizens, hold beliefs that conflict with the long standing local traditions that form the basis of local self-government for the rest of Minnesota. If the process that brought them there continues, at some point the culture and tradition of the former population disappears. With them goes their liberty.

It’s always a rough call for us, determining whether the liberal elites who enact these policies are attacking America and the West deliberately, or are just too detached from reality in their ivory towers to see how disastrous their policies are. But regardless of whether it is deliberate or not, the result is the same. The populations and culture of the West are being artificially and fundamentally changed. It seems awfully coincidental that the new populations will be less likely to resist the borderless, globalist, new world order where international hordes, and boards of unelected bureaucrats regulate the political and economic lives of everyone on the planet.

If you like my monologue, which I’m sure you’ve said you’ve never heard anything like this in your life. You have never heard anything like this since Winston Churchill’s great speeches. I read it from my best-selling book, Trump’s War, about ancient mass population changes. Yes, my friends, we’re no longer living in the age of the Statue of Liberty, where we can take in all of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, where we can no longer afford to take in the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. We can no longer afford to take the homeless, tempest tost. No my friends, those days are over. Trump is right. It’s time to sweep the elites out with a broom, and sweep them out for good.

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