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I realize that Congresswoman Pelosi has dreamers and Trump has dreamers, and the church has dreamers, but what happened to, we, the American people who dreamed about making America great again?

As Congress prepares for a showdown on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, I maintain that American dreamers have the right to dream first. And we have an obligation to encourage this: Dreams by Americans plant seeds that grow and nurture America.

We are the real dreamers and we are far more numerous than are the interlopers and the invaders. We, the American people who voted for Donald Trump, are the real dreamers. We have a vision of our nation unified, strong, visionary — not for this minority or that but for all. That is the heart of our Declaration of Independence. We have a dream and that dream is to make America great again.

Do you even remember what your dream is? Have you any memory of the promises that were made?

I’ll remind you of them as they’re all in my book Trump’s War. We dreamed of a nation who defended our borders, language, and culture. We hoped for leaders that would be fiscally conservative and who would restore our way of life that has been eroded by the Progressives for decades.

Now, Pelosi and Schumer will parade a selected group of DREAMers for the American people –the few that are service members or college students. But keep in mind, that only 900 of the DACA beneficiaries serve in the military. While supporters paint a picture of studious high school students, many so-called dreamers are adults. According to the Pew Research Center the average age of those enrolled in DACA is 24 with 37% between ages 21-25 and about a quarter are between 26-30, one-in-ten are ages 31-36. (The very leftist pew data may not be accurate) Furthermore, only 49 percent of DACA beneficiaries have received a high school diploma. In August, DHS reported that 2,139 of those enrolled had their status revoked criminal activity. While leftist groups claim the DACA to be under one million, other research groups found that DACA would cover nearly 4 million immigrants. Along with this amnesty, many are utilizing social services far exceeding that of the taxpaying population.

Why do you think that states and the federal government are bankrupt? Where do you think all of the money is going? Do you think it’s all going to the military and rich corporations? Of course not, the cities and states are bending over backwards to cater to this population. They are ‘virtue signaling’ to win the favor of progressive media…and voters. It’s all about kowtowing to special interests, not doing what is right.

Why did you think they open the floodgates to keep the masses that they are bringing in ignorant masses other than to keep them distracted so they won’t be thrown out of office.

Never forget we are the dreamers. Time to make American dreamers’ dreams first, not last.