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Being a loyal listener for many years and enjoying every word I have to say that I don’t think anyone in the history of talk radio or even television shows had the ability to talk about so many topics in so many different ways that you can never get bored listening to him. He’s funny, sharp, brilliantly creative among other talents that no one can come close in a million years. I never got to meet him or speak to him in person but trust me if you do get to meet him in person you are one very lucky man as people like him come once every 1000 years. May God be with him and give him a very long and healthy life and continue to spread the ultimate truth which is something we all don’t want to hear or know about but we also know that someone has to say it.  – Heshy

The invisible hand of the Deep State at work. The Left has always hated him, and he’s also despised by CAIR and the rest of the Muslim alpahabet soup org’s (ISNA, MSA, etc.). Deep State ‘enforcers’ have told the radio stations what’s ‘good’ for them, and what happens when they don’t do what’s good for them. Get used to it. We’re living in very Orwellian times. Obama laughs himself to sleep every night. 

Michael Savage is the last great, original thinker in radio. He always entertains his listeners and leads them to process his ideas from an outside the box angle. He is a conservative, but not a cheerleader of the conservative party. I don’t always agree with him, but he is always stimulating and interesting. How sad it is that the most original voices in our country are slowly being silenced by the corporate swamp, and our conformist society.

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