Which side is GOD on in a time of WAR?

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As the war in Israel intensifies, Savage delves into history and religion to interpret the current conflict. Known to millions for his stream-of-consciousness discourse, Savage explores whether God is on the side of the Palestinians or the Israelis. First, hear the shocking report from the Navy SEAL, combat medic congressman who described the slaughter in Israel as a ‘level not seen since the Holocaust.’ How are progressives supporting Hamas? Why we should NOT ignore Erdogan’s warning to declare war on Israel. Who is funding the pro-Hamas protests in America? What is their connection to George Soros? How the Biden Administration created chaos worldwide and nationwide. How the policies and plans first set in motion by Obama are now emerging. How the war in Ukraine relates to Israel and why we may be repeating the mistakes that led to World War 1. He implores us to pray for peace to end the bloodshed of innocent Jews and Palestinians.

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