Trickle Down Tyranny: How Leftist Radicals Are Tyrannizing Ordinary Americans & How to Fight Back! (episode #480) – LISTEN FOR FREE!

The loss of a nation’s pride cannot be restored. Biden has smashed the economy, demoralized the army, and gutted our pride. The media has enabled Biden and the Left to corrupt our nation from within. Savage recalls the ideological godfather of the new progressives Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals; reads from his own Rules for Beating Radicals. Then, what will Putin do when his back is to the wall? 

Censorship Comes to America: The Supreme Court Is Next

Reparations: I Won’t Pay A Dime

BIDEN PAPERS PLANTED? with Ben Weingarten

Should we be “compassionate” or “militant” conservatives?

Speaker of the House of Ill Repute with Jeff Rovin

THE ONLY BLACK MAN at an all WHITE FUNERAL & other memories

The Winter of Our Discontent (episode #506)

THE EDGE OF WORLD WAR 3? with Col Douglas Macgregor


Bonus Podcast: Savage Slams Larry David and Alec Baldwin


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