THE ORIGINS OF WOKE. With Richard Hanania

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Author Richard Hanania joins Savage to discuss his new book, The Origins of Woke: Civil Rights Law, Corporate America, and the Triumph of Identity Politics. In a nation nearly evenly split between conservatives and liberals, the left dominates nearly all major institutions, including universities, the government, and corporate America. Hanania argues that this is as much a legal requirement as it is an issue of one side triumphing in the marketplace of ideas. Culture has its own independent force, but the state has, since the 1960s, been putting its thumb on the scale. In their conversation, Savage and Hanania dive into the roots of “wokeness” and its deep-seated origins in American society and government; Savage’s experience with affirmative action; the abuse of diversity programs; why universities have worked to make men and women more similar; how math has become ‘racist’; how the federal government destroyed education. Is there a way to save America from this madness? How do we deconstruct this cultural and political assault on our nation?

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