Opening Monologue: ‘The Blacklist Against Conservative Authors: Interview with Distinguished Editor Adam Bellow’

AT NEWSMAX NOW: By Michael Savage Monday, 29 March 2021 12:55 PM

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On today’s Michael Savage podcast we speak with Adam Bellow, unto himself, a very distinguished editor. His father was Saul Bellow a giant in English literature.

Now imagine growing up around a man who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature and the National Medal of Arts, the only writer to win the National Book Award for Fiction three times.

I would say that today, Saul Bellow could not be published. His novels include The Adventures of Augie March, Henderson the Rain King, Herzog, Mr Sammlers Planet, Seize The Day, Humboldt’s Gift, and Ravelstein.

His best known novels are probably not even known by most of the people in this country today. Forget the fact that so many are illiterate, and that they live on social media. They are so brainwashed they wouldn’t know what good literature is.

Saul Bellow the father of the Mr. Adam Bellow, who talks with us about publishing in today’s hyper political world.

Now Adam Bellow is a man who distinguished himself as an editor who focused on conservative authors, can you imagine that he will talk about that?

Can a conservative author get published in New York City anymore?

Here is part of our conversation:

SAVAGE: Adam, is there a future for authors who are somewhat conservative in America going forward?

BELLOW: Actually, I consider this to be so important. While it’s true that you can basically now forget about being published in mainstream house if you’re conservative.

The status of conservative books in mainstream publishing is in decline. They’re only interested in people who have big platforms, whether it’s TV or radio or who have previously published major best selling books.

Anything that they don’t think is going to sell at least 20,000 copies. And as I sometimes comment, 95% of a job of the editors job at a big house is to say no.

SAVAGE: None of my books have sold less than 50,000. But I’m persona non grata. I may as well be living in the Soviet Union.

I’m not what’s called a mainstream conservative. I’m kind of on the perimeter of the conservative. It leaves me in a strange place almost, I’m back where I where I started in a strange way.

It makes me happier because I feel total freedom to not have to write a political book.

BELLOW: While it’s true conservatives have a hard time being published by a mainstream house, why would you want to do that anyway?

Even if they paid you, why would you want to publish in a place where everybody hates you. I’ve sat in publishing meetings for 30 years pitching conservative books, and the level of contempt was off the charts, so my advice is just don’t waste your time.

But, I want to say something that’s encouraging to you.

This is actually a very exciting time in conservative media and conservative publishing, because it’s finally been understood that we have to create our own channels for publishing, distribution, and sales and marketing and my colleagues and I are in the midst of building that.

So people who want to be published and have their books published should write to me.

My email address is

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