Savage vs. The Food Fascists

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A New York state judge blocked Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban super-sized sodas in the Big Apple, and Dr. Savage couldn’t be happier.

As a nutritionist, Savage doesn’t recommend the consumption of too much sugar – but as a defender of liberty, he believes that individuals must be free to decide what they’ll eat and drink.

“Mayor Bloomberg is dangerous, crazy and totalitarian,” Michael Savage told his radio audience, noting:

I called it “food fascism” in my 1981 book “The Skeptical Nutritionist.”
Look where these laws are coming from.

Is it the right wing that’s trying to impose fascistic food decisions on you?
No, it’s leftists like Bloomberg.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m opposed to large intakes of sugar, but I believe people should make their own choices.

Bloomberg just wants to control people. He’s a little man who wants to be dictator.

I’m so glad he lost, for a number of reasons. I want you to understand what’s at stake.

This man once limited baby formula in hospitals. He banned trans fats. Then he wanted to limit soda consumption.

We have to stop these fascists somewhere. If you don’t stop them when they try to ban large sodas, when will you do it?