Banned in Britain: Articles Denouncing The U.K.’s Ban on Savage

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 Jeffrey Kuhner’s “Obama’s assault on conservative speech” “Savage Savages Obama Over Brit Ban” 

FrontPage Mag: “Britain bans Savage but welcomes Castroite butchers”

VIN: “Radio hosts ignore Savage ban”

Dakota Voice: “Suicidal Britain continues absurd ban of Michael Savage” 

Jeffrey Kuhner, The Washington Times

“Britain sacrificing Michael Savage ‘on the altar of multiculturalism’”

Peter Schweizer: “A Savage injustice in Britain”

Jonathan Turley: “England reaffirms ban on radio host Michael Savage”

Robin of Berkeley:”The scapegoating of Michael Savage”

‘I am still banned from entering the U.K. – Where are my human rights?”
Rachel Marsden, Human Events