Savage reveals what took place in the Oval Office

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This week radio host Michael Savage visited Washington, D.C., attending the State Department Luncheon with President Macron, meeting with capital leaders, and joining President Trump and Vice President Pence for private conversation.

Savage revealed some details of his time in Washington on Thursday during his nationally syndicated program The Savage Nation.

After meeting with the president for approximately 30 minutes, it dawned on me that it was quite noteworthy in many ways. I thought it would last within three to five minutes given that there were seventy dignitaries from around the world, heads of state, CEOs of major corporations all who wanted facetime with President Trump. But the president was extremely inviting and cordial with my wife and I.

Most noteworthy to me and most interesting was that somewhere about 10 to 12 minutes into the meeting with the president a red button flashed on his desk which I thought was a nuclear launch button. He pressed the button and I said ‘Mr. President, did you just launch a nuclear weapon?’

President Trump laughed and said ‘Yeah, I launched an atomic bomb.’ He said ‘No, no, I’m ordering a diet coke.’
I died laughing. I thought he wanted us out of there. I thought this was a button that they put in the when they want you out of a meeting, it rings and then the aide comes in and takes you out. He said ‘No, no.’ He says ‘I just wanted a soda. Would you like one?’ So it wasn’t a nuclear launch button and it wasn’t to get us out of the office.

Now on to Vice President Pence who is a very interesting man, very intellectual. He’s extremely knowledgeable and very respectful of me in particular. We were in his office showing me oil paintings when he said ‘You know, these two were here when Vice President Biden was here – one of Adams and one of another former president. He said ‘I added these three’ and pointed to a Teddy Roosevelt painting.

Then we talked about Teddy Roosevelt for a while and I said ‘We should be owning the conservation movement.’
He says ‘I know that.’

I said ‘Conservatives, conservation; it’s our issue. It doesn’t belong to Nancy Pelosi the woman on the hill with the gold LeMay shoes. What do you think she knows about the environment? We conservatives are the conservationists. They’ve just triangulated us with the big lie about the fake global warming story and that we hate everything on earth.’

Then I said to him ‘I assume you have some religion in your background?’

He smiled, he said ‘Yes.’

Of course, I know he’s a very religious man. Well, for him I brought a copy of “God, Faith, and Reason” which he asked me to inscribe.
I said ‘Mr. Vice President, let me read you the opening line of “God, Faith, and Reason” so you know where I’m coming from.’ I read the first line of the book to him which is somewhat along the lines of ‘I have never met God, but I’ve searched for God all my life.’
He listened to me very carefully and when I was through speaking that one line of my book, Vice President Pence was quite awed by the experience. As the historian he is, he gave me a pen and said ‘Dr. Savage, could you please initial next to the line that you just read to me in this office?’

Remember he’s a history major. He was very moved by the meeting, and I believe this is something he will enter into the Congressional Record that Michael Savage came and read to him that line from his book “God, Faith, and Reason”.

Near the end, I asked him something and he said ‘Well, you’re the intellectual in this room.’ He is a very intelligent man, extremely well-read. He told me that he reads books every night and he reads them in detail. Vice President Pence not only opened his door to his office to us on perhaps the busiest day of the year, but was also most cordial and respectful.

Sitting with the vice president, Mrs. Savage said to him ‘I get up every day and thank God that you’re here and that the president is here and that she didn’t win. We wake up every morning and ask ourselves what would we be living through right now if you had not won?’

I also visited with General Kelly, White House Chief of Staff. He’s a very misunderstood man by most Americans who don’t understand the military. When we entered, he took me into his office where he has a memorial to his son who died in combat leading a platoon of Marines. It was something that moved me a great deal. All I could say is that these were some of the best men in the world; it’s as simple as that. We now have some of the best men in the world running this country.

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