Media reacts to Savage’s endorsement of McCarthy

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Thursday on The Savage Nation, host Michael Savage shared on his time in the nation’s capital.

Michael Savage endorsed Kevin McCarthy, the frontrunner to replace U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, during a conversation with a radio show caller.

Savage, the conservative host of “The Savage Nation,” responded to a question about whether he thought McCarthy, who has received Ryan’s endorsement, would “do a lot of nothing.”

“No, no, no. He is the alpha and omega of Ryan,” Savage said. “He is the opposite of Ryan. First of all, he comes from a very conservative district of California — the Bakersfield area. Secondly, he has a true track record of being a conservative. Thirdly, he is on record of wanting to support Trump’s conservative points of view.

Breitbart wrote that Savage said some of the most effective politicians are not always in the spotlight.

“So we say how do we know what he is going to be and how do you know that?” Savage said. “Let’s look at where he comes from and who he represents.”

“He represents the most conservative district in California–maybe the only real conservative district left, in the Bakersfield area,” Savage said. “That should say a lot–he doesn’t come from San Francisco.”

“I have great hope for him, and I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed,” Savage said.

“Oh wow I’m glad,” the caller said.