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Vladimir Lenin once said, “The goal of socialism is communism”. Today in America, we see a resurgence of the ideologies Lenin, engineer of the Bolshevik Revolution, championed as leader of the Soviet Union.

Of course, the revolution taking place today in the United States is far different from the Russian Revolution of 1917, but the consequences are equally as perilous.

With the election upsets of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julia Salazar in New York state and gains in small seats nationwide, the Democratic Socialists of America are steadily solidifying their place and legitimacy in public offices.

We can no longer ignore the threat to our freedom and individual liberties that these politicians pose. As I have declared time and again Bernie Sanders is the most dangerous political figure in American history; far more dangerous than any ever seen before because he looks so harmless, doesn’t he? Old Bernie Sanders. He looks like he can do no harm, but he can do much harm, indeed.

Sanders knows that Democratic Socialism is a cover for the outright seizure of property and freedom. He knows that Democratic Socialism is a cover for communism.

Much like Sanders appears as a non-threatening figure, the Democratic Socialists have picked young, attractive men and women as representatives of their secret revolution. Their task is to push the the message of Lenin and Marx to the world, most importantly to the young people in our nation who have forgotten the travails of past communist regimes. And as the writer and philosopher George Santayana warned us, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Now, we know that this latest incarnation of communist dogma would have us believe that they are not socialist at all, but rather “democratic” socialists, arguing that they are not communists, but simply seeking a better way of life for all people.

Yes, their emotional pleas may sound fair, even attractive, but so did the outcry from Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin and countless revolutionaries worldwide before they inflicted their diabolical reign over nations.

Now is the time to educate the youth of America. We must combat the indoctrination from our universities and teach the value of freedom and liberty. If we neglect to warn the next generation, these Democratic Socialists will constrict our freedoms, control what we can read, control what we can see and take us from where we are today and lead us to 1,000 years of darkness.

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