Savage: Kneejerk Liberal Media Hypocrites and Haiti

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CNN and MSNBC along with other mainstream outlets have been airing nothing but President Trump’s comments about Haiti and other nations referring to them as s***holes during a private meeting on the immigration bill. Never mind that this got out of that meeting, thanks to the sneaky rat Dick Durbin. What’s important is why it happened and the hypocrisy of the blowhards on TV who seem to be taking glee in saying that word over and over again.

Never mind that the President is a New Yorker and that’s the kind of language you hear in that city. But what exactly did he say that was wrong? Was he talking about the people in those countries? No, he was not. If there’s one thing about this President, it is that he respects hardworking people no matter what their background or color is. But these media blowhards would have you think otherwise.

In the case of Haiti, we have great Haitian people here. For example, Mia Love the congresswoman from Utah. Haitian immigrants serve in our military, and many have small businesses here. But the country is a mess and there’s no two ways about it. It’s history is steeped in natural disasters, poverty, racial discord and political instability.

After hundreds of years of being a French slave colony, it won its independence, and in the 1800’s had a line of successive presidents that drafted and abolished constitutions leaving it to the whims of whatever dictatorial “president” was able to hold power at that time. Coups and assassinations were common. In the early 20th century, the United States did what it could to stabilize the island, even trained a Haitian National Guard, but after we left, it fell back into dictatorship. Particularly under Francois Duvalier who made himself President for life. Then taken over by his son “Baby Doc”, the country saw itself trying to gain access, to food, water education and employment. People rioted. When the Duvalier regime was gone, Jean Bertrand Aristide led the country, but not to prosperity, but to violence and coups, leading the country to further chaos. Although Aristide is gone, basic services are still hard to come by. Does that sound like paradise to you, or more or less what Trump described?

Did you know the Dominican Republic is on the same land mass, inhabited by the people descended from the same people as the Haitians?

Comparatively, the Dominican Republic is a success. Why is that? Yes, it’s true they had their share of violence and corruption in the development of their country, as most countries do in their early stages. But they modeled their constitution on the US Constitution. They also allowed us to help them avoid the scourge of communism. We sent marines and the 82nd Airborne in so the Dominican Republic didn’t turn into another communist Cuba at our doorstep. During this time they ambitiously built their infrastructure, and in the late 70’s they finally saw relative freedom and basic human rights, their economy began to grow and now they are moving ahead in technology. They actually have places you can vacation there too.

It’s not the people, it’s the leadership, the political instability, the lack of a will to use resources that makes these countries poor. These kneejerk liberal blowhards in the media would never commit to a vacation in Haiti, or Libya, or Somalia. They know the President wasn’t referring to the people of these countries, but of the corruption of the leaders. It doesn’t matter. The whole goal is to paint him as a racist. They want to plant that in people’s minds and will run with it as long as they can to take him down.

And don’t think there’s not a political motivation. The goal is to get DACA and comprehensive immigration reform passed, painting anyone who doesn’t go along with them on this as racist. And that is what they will use to try and take over congress in 2018. They will link anyone running for office with Trump and say they’re a racist too. It’s J’accuse on a different scale. And it’s all a lie, and they know it.

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