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Wednesday on The Savage Nation, host Michael Savage called upon President Trump to resist a DACA agreement, noting that full amnesty would result in the end of not only the Trump revolution but the Republican Party.

Recognizing the economic impact of immigration, Savage used his Thai takeout to illustrate America’s need for low cost labor.

Trump appears to endorse path to citizenship for millions of immigrants says Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times. The writing is very interesting and says ‘The push for an immigration deal with Democrats has the potential to alienate the hard-line anti-immigration activists who powered his political rise and helped him win the presidency, many of whom have described it as amnesty for lawbreakers.’

They have that right. I mean they do know how to write; they have great command of the language. So, hours after the meeting Mr. Trump appeared to harden his insistence on the wall, writing on Twitter ‘As I made very clear today our country needs the security of the wall on the southern border which must be part of any DACA approval.’ It looks like he’s tilting toward the DACA deal.

I love every time you hear the words ‘young people’, you know they’re lying. Because I investigated it, many of them are in their 20s and 30s. So I guess everyone in their 30s now is a young person. I guess that’s good for me as well because it makes me 40 years younger than I am. If you’re still young at 40 to them, I guess there’s no such thing as a senior citizen.

‘But the comments earlier Tuesday were a remarkable break with the divisive messaging that propelled Mr. Trump to the White House and the harsh policies that have defined his first year in office.’

Okay, well look I’m going to bring it down home here on The Savage Nation. I am eating lunch as I speak to you. I don’t do this as a shtick; it’s just that I have to eat at a certain time irrespective of whether my show is on or not. And generally around this time I send my assistant out for food. Today I’m eating Thai food. Now, the reason I’m talking about this is that I just realized while gobbling and jamming it down my throat, everything I touched in this container comes from immigrants’ hands. I’m going to give you an example: On the left side of the tray, there’s carrots, some sort of lettuce. And so the carrots and lettuce were probably picked by illegal immigrants, probably driven to market by illegal immigrants, probably distributed off the trucks by illegal immigrants, probably sold in a store by illegal immigrants, the shrimp was probably fished by illegal immigrants, and probably harvested by illegal immigrants.

See what I’m saying?

The rice probably grown in a rice field by illegal immigrants. So I’m asking myself let’s think about this very carefully. Where are we going to get the labor to do all of this stuff? Let’s take the extreme example. Not only does he not sign DACA, but he does a 180 and he throws them all out which is never going to happen. But let’s say this and then he goes further and he starts rounding them up. They’re doing that by the way with 7-11 employees right now in case you don’t know it; it’s a big deal.

Who is going to take these jobs? Your son? Your daughter? The millions of bums who are on welfare who refuse to work? The homeless bums who are laying in the gutters sucking billions of dollars a year out of our economy, contributing nothing like leeches and parasites? Who is going to pick the lettuce? Who’s going to harvest and pick the shrimp and the calamari? Who is going to grow the rice and distribute the rice?

The standard conservative and right wing answer is, well, let the free market determine.

Okay, so my lunch was probably $8.95 because it was primarily based upon very, very low labor costs. I’m a practical man. If you actually pay a fair working wage to raise the vegetables, the rice, the shrimp in center, this dish it would cost probably $38.95. And then I wouldn’t buy it. It would be too expensive. Then the Thai restaurant would go out of business.

So you have to be very cautious. The factories are run by who? Your son? Your son is busy looking at himself in the mirror to go to a club tonight. Your daughter? She’s getting ready to go out with a girlfriend. She’s going to raise the vegetables? Who is going to do it? The prisoners, you make them raise the shrimp? Who’s going to do it? The writers at the New York Times?

I’m not going to do it.