Russia’s Massive Winter Offensive – Details Here. With Col. Douglas Macgregor

What can we expect in the coming weeks as reports claim Putin is preparing a massive offensive? Colonel Douglas Macgregor is back to deliver his expert breakdown of the evolving conflict in Ukraine. Might we see a false flag event disrupting the grain infrastructure of Ukraine? How dire is the loss of life facing the two nations? Will Washington cave to mounting pressure to supply tanks; what about Germany? Why did Kissinger change his tune on Ukraine’s NATO membership? When will the offensive begin and what will it entail? Is there a possibility of electronic warfare; are satellites potential targets? How has the Biden Administration escalated the conflict, and will they continue fueling the flames of war? Why does Russia hold an advantage in terms of ammunition? Could Russia sabotage the tank deliveries? How has Zelensky nullified his own generals? Macgregor and Savage dive into all the details as Europe faces a historic mobilization, not seen since World War II.

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