Opening Monologue: Mass Shootings in a Time of Easter and Passover; Where Is God?

AT NEWSMAX NOW: By Michael Savage Thursday, 25 March 2021 12:55 PM

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There are many who say we are living in violent times. We see in the news the recent mass shootings, the jump in violent crime, the riots in the streets and conclude that we are at a point in history that is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Well it’s not. We’ve seen this before in history, and definitely worse times than these.

The Bible is a very violent book. When we look at this time of year, a time sacred to Jews and Christians, we see the violence that took place then.

In the Old Testament, this was the time that Moses spoke for God to the Pharaoh in a plea to release the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.

What did God do to try and persuade Pharaoh? He released plagues on the Egyptian people.

He turned the water red with blood, killing the fish, and making it undrinkable. He sent plagues of frogs, lice and flies to invade Egyptian homes, fill the streets and the bodies of Egyptian citizens.

He then brought pestilence to Egyptian livestock so they would have no food or animals to work the fields.

Then he released a plague of boils, infecting the Egyptian people with sores and infections. He brought down hail to destroy homes and fields, and what the hail didn’t destroy he brought about a plague of locusts to finish of the crops. He then darkened the land of Egypt for three days.

Pharaoh’s unwillingness to set the Jewish people free led to the harshest of the plagues. This is the Passover. God said that unless they were freed, every first born son in Egypt would be killed.

Every Jew was to make a sacrifice and paint the blood of the animals on their doors so the angel of death would pass over that house and only the sons of the Egyptians would be killed.

Very violent, don’t you think? How about Easter?

The Christian religion teaches that after man continued to disobey God, the only way to forgive man’s sins was to come to the earth Himself in the form a man, his Son, Jesus Christ, who would be sacrificed for all man’s sins, to rise again and save those who believes.

The crucifixion of Jesus, and the day preceding it was a very violent day for Jesus, who was stabbed, crowned with thorns, spit on, beaten, and finally nailed to a cross only to suffer until dead.

His words? “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

So what does this have to do with the recent mass shootings and the rise in violence we see today? While the violence we just talked about occurred, God was involved, and the actions taken were out of love for man.

There is much more in the scriptures than just violence.

It is a story of an imperfect people who did what they thought they had to do to survive, and to find a place in the world where they could understand what God was trying to say to them so they could follow his laws and be with Him after death.

God was the center of our world. He was the one thing we as a people could share, no matter what our other beliefs might have been. We were all serving a loving God with our eternal salvation as our reward.

But now, where is God? One of the main tenets of Communism is the destruction of church and of God. We saw it done in the Soviet Union.

The same thought processes that brought rise to Soviet Russia are with us here in the United States. Because of our roots as a nation in Judeo-Christian values, it’s been harder for those forces to take hold.

But now, after decades of infecting our academic institutions with this type of thought, those forces are taking hold. Man has become God.

And with man as God, we go back to our primitive ways before there was God.

We’ve become tribal, and will use violent means to stomp out the other tribes. We no longer look at life as precious, but as just another thing to get in our way.

In the case of both of the recent mass shooters, God was not an option of comfort for them, instead they took matters into their own hands, and eliminated the imagined threats they thought faced them.

In cities across America, the murder rate is spiking because man no longer sees life as a gift.

After all, we’ve been told we are all just clumps of cells.

The society is sick. Pornography is rampant, making us further devalue life.

We have a media who has chosen to make white people less than human.

We have an ideology that runs rampant amongst young people that sees anyone who does not agree with them as an enemy that must be destroyed.

We see politicians who use that to their advantage to take power that does not belong to them.

All because we have rejected God in our hubris.

Can we do anything to change this? Do you trust man to solve these problems? No one can know the answer right now.

In the last podcast I told you the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. That seems to be where we are now.

The question is, where is God, and what will he do about it?

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