Michael Savage: Withhold China Debt as Pandemic Reparations; Biden ‘Worse than China’ in Spreading Coronavirus

Discussing reparations from China for its responsibility in the coronavirus’ spread and cover-up of its origins, conservative radio legend Michael Savage suggested a nuanced approach of imposing tariffs on the communist regime and weighed canceling debt as a less confrontational means of achieving reparations. He also accused the Biden administration of posing more danger than the Chinese by intentionally spreading the virus through immigration policies, which have led to a significant increase in infections.

Appearing on Newsmax’s Cortes & Pellegrino Show on Friday, Savage declared China has an “obligation to do good to pay for what they have done,” noting he would “like to see [China] pay reparations” but warned that “we have to be very careful and not let our emotions override our intelligence” with regard to how to attain them.

“Remember what reparations against Germany triggered after World War I: It gave rise to Hitler and World War II,” he warned. “We better be very careful how far we take this because it could wind up as a very dangerous boomerang.”

He also noted that “China’s tone has only toughened” in proportion to reparation demands.

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